El-Badawi Group

Cruising the Roads of Progress

Driving Excellence in Motorcycles Construction Industry !

Vision Statement

Our vision at EL-BADAWI GROUP is to be the undisputed industry leader in the motorcycle trade, construction, and industry sectors. We envision a future where our diverse portfolio of businesses sets the benchmark for excellence, reliability, and innovation. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge, advanced technologies, and skilled workforce, we strive to shape the future of these sectors, setting new standards in customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental responsibility. Through our unwavering commitment to integrity and continuous improvement, we aspire to be a trusted partner, creating sustainable growth and making a positive impact on the world.

Our progress throughout the years


In 2004 the business started with the motorcycles import, assembly and trade.


In 2007 the business developed in the construction field where the group accomplisher more than 20 different projects.


In 2010 the group introduced the trade in motorcycles tires, spare parts and oil.


In 2012 the group established the scrap metal trade business.


EL-BADAWI GROUP was founded by EL-BADAWI brothers Mr. Khaled, Mr. Ahmad, Mr. Ali and Mr. Walid in 2004. The founders are typically driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, willing to take risks and overcome challenges to turn their ideas into reality.

Mr. Walid EL-BADAWI, acting as head of the board of directors, embarked on a mission to grow the group business in construction, trade and industry with close focus on the motorcycles sector.

To develop the business in the motorcycles sector, Mr. Walid aims to target new customer segments by investing in new international brands with high quality the thing that lead to increase the group market share market share and enhance its customer satisfaction.

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